november 18, 2009
LABuzzBlog, "create:fixate is 8 years old" by trish

"Infinity will feature the work of...Kerianne Connor, whose work reflects the experience of a modern generation that has grown up in a world immersed in prominent visual design."

july 9, 2009, "noho's satsuma gallery mixes studio and exhibition space" by sydney ember

"...Connor’s work, which is heavily architectural. Her multi-canvas compositions use string and resin to create artwork reminiscent of blueprint sketches mingled with abstract floral forms that pulsate with colorful intensity..."


studio city sun. june 20-26, 2008, pg. 48 by claire walla

"Kerianne Connor, the youngest Satsuma member joined the co-op two months ago, and in that time she has managed to churn-out nine original pieces. All nine are finely executed and bear her signature style of rigid and abstract painted forms set against neatly-calculated rows of stretched string: 'I'm interested in analysing space and architecture, and using different mediums to balance the two,' she said."