photo by Paynie

          My work combines elements of popular and emblematic designs with the fine art of sculpture and painting. I have always had an interest in examining and finding patterns in the urban landscape and transforming them into simplified forms. With this unique perception I engage with questioning the separation between Design and Fine Art and investigate their intertwined relationship. My current body of work is characterized by sharp edges, patterns, block colors, and calculated rows of stretched strings raised against separate canvases. I use multiple canvases of different sizes to create negative space that highlights my exploration of modern geography. Emphasis on design has become almost universal in our culture; there is effort to make everything aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Because of this design is integrated into my everyday practice of creating art.

The pieces are inspired by urban spaces including malls, bridges, and subways. The works themselves appear to map the locations they reflect. In my piece “Paris,” I focus on the routes of transportation through the city, such as subways, waterways, and bridges to underscore a portion of the cities urban identity. Additionally, I add an organic yet industrial element to the canvases by creating curves and grids through the use of only straight lines. This can also be seen in my “Supermarket Series” where I explore the idea of America’s supermarkets through simplifying them down into two primary components, the industrial and the organic. I decided to choose which supermarkets I would include based on one question, “do they carry Wonderbread?” By asking the question I was able to illustrate the architectonic of the supermarket; a highly compartmentalized industrial space that exists to house a world of organic objects. The grids create the warehouse feeling of the supermarket while it contains and creates organic shapes through the use of only straight lines. All 20 paintings are 4ft by 6ft and emphasize the basic structure of most supermarkets; the edifice is consistent, yet the palette is unique to each structure.

By representing contemporary landscapes through abstract works, I respect the importance of the dialogue, relationship, and interconnectivity between design, form, and function.



Sugar: Top Emerging Female Artist, Loft 4300, Culver City, CA. group show
2009 --- Infinity: Create:Fixate's 8th Anniversery, Create:Fixate, Los Angeles, CA. group show
2009 --- Satsuma Solstice, Satsuma Gallery, North Hollywood, CA. group show
--- June Downtown Art Walk, The Landing Party Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles, CA. group show
--- Create:Fixate Presents Words of Wisdom, Downtown Los Angeles, CA. group show
2009 ---Kerianne Connor & Christina Tonga The Landing Party Gallery, Downtown LA, CA. two person show
2008 --- Behind The Big Red Door, Tivoli Loft, Venice, CA. solo show
2008 --- Emerging Artist Exhibition, DAC Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles, CA. group show
2008 --- 6° of Seperation, Satsuma Gallery, North Hollywood, CA. group show
2008 --- SYP Art Exhibit: Emerging Artist of California, Duncan Miller Gallery, Culver City, CA. group show
2006 --- Artists for a New South Africa, Juried Show, Creative Artist Agency, Beverly Hills, CA
2005 --- Generation, Wright Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, solo show
2005 --- Matching Luggage for Divorce Couples, UCLA Senior Exhibition, Wright Gallery, Los Angeles, CA